Everything in the Universe is energy. Our physical bodies and all physical matter are dense forms of energy. The physical body is surrounded by an energy field known as “The Aura.” This energy field nourishes us and protects us. This field can get energetic blockages and holes in it due to our own beliefs and emotions and as well as the energies around us. This can affect our capacity to handle emotional and physical stresses in our lives. Often a person is not aware of the condition of their energy field. This healing restores the flow of the energy field by dissolving energy blocks and filling the holes with light so one is more protected from the emotional and physical influences of our environments. Clients generally feel more balanced, relaxed, peaceful and energized.

3-Layer Aura Healing

The aura, part of our energetic make-up, surrounds and protects our body. Our aura can be affected by our emotions, our diets, drugs, alchohol, thoughts and by the energies around us. When our aura is in a weakened state, we have difficulty adapting to changes, experience more stress, can be more affected by what is going on around us and cause an overall sense of malaise. An aura healing can rebalance our energies, clearing any debris in our aura and strengthening areas weakened by the stresses of life.

After an aura healing you will likely feel lighter, more centered, relaxed and happier. Aura Healing seals the aura, offering protection and balance and healing.

Allow 45 minutes $75

Shamanic Aura Healing

Our personal power is contained in the wholeness of our aura. There are circumstances in which holes can appear in our auras, allowing our energies to leak out and other energies to enter that do not belong. It is like a house that has poor or no insulation and you are paying the price to heat the place to keep it at a comfortable level. This can become very taxing and not sustainable. Aura Sealing patches up these holes so that our aura is containing our energy within.

Allow 45 min $75

Egyptian Pantheon 7 Layer Aura Healing

This unique healing is very holy and deals with the sacredness of the human body. We call upon the power of the Egyptians gods and goddesses and their knowledge of the dimensions and the energetic bodies of humans to clear the 7 layers of the aura. There are seven levels in the astral part of existence and we do a deep and profound healing on the Spirit Level, Thinker Level, Soul Level, Astral Level, Planning Level, Dreamer Level & the Action Level.

When the Aura is clear, not only do we feel balanced and strong, we also can create more effortlessly. Benefits include liberation of old patterns, freedom of expression & creativity and a deepening of Spiritual Understanding. You will have an opportunity to make a statement about something you want to take action to manifest in your life, and receive a blessing to help you do that.

This is an excellent healing modality for recovering from traumas and moving forward with new patterns.

Allow 1 hour $150

(You can learn this modality and perform it on yourself. Ask about the Sacred Geometry classes)