Negative Energy Removal

Other people’s thoughts and energies can have an intentional or unintentional effect on your life. A negative “effect” can be as little as thoughts directed toward you such as someone swearing at you in traffic. These negative energies directed at you can result in interferences in your life.

In this simple but powerful process, negative or disharmonious energies are removed and cleared restoring an energetic balance and a feeling of being more centered and balanced. This healing technique has a wide variety of uses.

Emotional Cord Cutting

Cords are energetic connetions between you and another person. They can be formed naturally through interactions with others. They allow your energy to flow from you to someone else. Although some cords are appropriate, there are cords that that are imbalanced energetically which can create an energetic drain on us or keep us stuck in negative emotions and patterns. These cords can last up to seven years.

The cord cutting breaks this cycle. Once your cords are cut through this process, you are free to reconnect with those who are important to you! As a result, you can establish your current relationships on a new and healthier level, with new energy and focus. Free yourself of these negative energetic ties!
(Negagive Energy Removal and Emotional Cord Cutting together $75)

Hands of Melchizedek Healing Modality

When issues recur and other healing modalties have not provided a permanent benefit, the Hands of Melchizedek Healing will assist in breaking free of persistent negative patterns. Seals of protection are inscribed in your aura to assist you in remaining free of these negative patterns.

During the Hands of Melchizedek Healing, you are engulfed, energetically, in a purifying Light that cleanses away the negativity influencing your life and to empowers you to break free of the negative patterns creating a new foundation for your healing. This healing is about love, and forgiveness, as well as purification. This healing leaves you free to move forward, and it revitalizes your strength and motivation.

Hexagram Healing Modality

This healing follows the Hands of Melchizedek Healing Modality and activates the Will energy of your Divine purpose. By drawing on the ancient symbol of the hexagram, it enables you to heal and to embrace that you have the power to create your life as you desire it.

The Open Hexagram Healing is centered on the idea of possibility. The symbol is all about potential, new ideas, new directions, a new way of life.

This powerful healing helps restore clarity as to why you are actually here. It helps you break free of the prison of the mind, so you are able to live life with true joy and passion. The healing is a process of moving you beyond the mind, away from thoughts and opinions, and into a state of action and living. Furthermore, the Open Hexagram Healing works to help expand your reality so that you truly see yourself as a Divine eternal being.

Purification By Light

We sometimes come across negative energies that may get stuck our auras, bodies, energy fields, and even our homes. These foreign energies can cause us emotional distress, change our thinking patterns, and even begin to skew our ability to view the world objectively and our ability to function at our best.
This healing is a simple, and gentle way to fill your being with Light and blast away all debris or unwanted energies from your aura or space that may be affecting you.

You will feel cleansed and refreshed and like a pressure has lifted.

Negagive Energy Removal, Emotional Cord Cutting and Purification By Light

Ra Protection Ritual

With the light of the Sun God RA, negativity will be sent out of your life and you will call in good, positive energy. You will have the opportunity to make a specific request in this ritual.
This powerful cleansing and protection ritual assists in:
– Removing negative emotions
– Feel more uplifted and more positive
– Open to new possibilities in your life
$ 175

Note, even though we use the term “negative,” all the modalities throughout this site are always used in conjunction with and for the benefit of The Light.