Isis was the Grand Queen of Egypt. She was a powerful high priestess in the Order of Ra, the Sun God and Creator. She used High Magick on an every day basis and did healing work many days a week for the general public. Her philosophy was to create abundance for the whole society by keeping the people healthy and happy. Isis realized that, while the people ate food, drank water, meditated and performed other tasks to gather energy, they still were tired and slept for long periods of time. Isis and her staff of the Temple of Isis slept only 3 to 4 hours per day and worked with great vitality.

Isis wondered why there was this difference in abilities, and consulted with the God Osiris, who advised her that Nut, the Great Mother of All Creation, would help her. So, Isis went to Nut who gave her this method of realigning the energies back to the brain region to create a happier and more vital being.

Isis Healing Level I – Emotional Re-birth

This modality is an ancient method of realigning the vibrational energies of the body and re-directing them into the brain region so that the energies we collect every day are not lost but rather used for our benefit.

Using the energies of the Gods and Goddesses Isis, Osiris, Geb, and Nut, this modality causes a death and rebirth of the emotional body which in turn creates a revitalized mental and physical state of being. This is like a complete replacement of the emotional body like a hitting a restart button in your life.

The Isis Healing allows the energies of enlightenment and empowerment to flow freely through your mind and heart. Isis healing realigns the vibrational energies of the body and re-directs them into the brain region so that the energies that we collect everyday are used for our benefit. Sacred symbols are placed in your etheric body thus allowing the energies of enlightenment and empowerment to flow freely through your mind and heart.

This healing modality brings forth self-empowerment resulting in:

  • More available energy
  • More usage of the brain capacity
  • More vitality for everyday life
  • Energy for fresh start
  • Embrace your next step

Energy Exchange – $150

Advanced Isis Healing Level 2 – Ra-Angelic Powers

Isis Healing Level 1 must be performed before the Advanced Isis Healing.

In this healing the deeper energies of the Family of Ra are directed towards you. The Advanced Isis Healing harnesses the extreme power of the most powerful angel of them all: Ramiel! Ramiel is known as the “Compassion of God”.

By harnessing power of Ramiel:

  • Create a new vibration in body gives you more passion and more vitality
  • Redirect old vibrations towards new ones and creates synchronicity in body and soul
  • Creates a renewed vibration in the soul which holds the mind regions more firm thus giving you a more clear thought pattern
  • Heal old emotional wounds
  • Opens the 3rd eye
  • Clarity about love energy
  • Brings a lover to you since mind is more clear now
  • Allows you to create more abundance in life

Energy Exchange – $150