Spark of Life Distance Healing

Spark of Life Distance Healing

Spark of Life is the truest form of remote energy work available today.

This healing modality was created over 3,000 years ago as a way for temple priests and priestesses to support the healers who went out into communities to work.

Spark of Life is performed remotely, so you can be located anywhere else in the world. This remote healing practice differs significantly from other known methods as it uses magickal keys to go beyond your Etheric matrix and chakra system directly to your inner spark – to the first ray of creation – to help you heal on all levels.

This allows the pure energy of God to flow to the client in a remote location. Healing sent directly to your inner spark makes this the most sacred healing modalities available.

This hour-long session is especially helpful with chronic disease, and whole-body healing.
Energy Exchange – $150