Empower Thyself! Program

For anyone who believes there is more to life – This path is for you!

Two transformational days – It enlightens the mind, transforms the soul, and gives you tools you can use daily to empower your life.

For thousands of years, the deepest truths about the universe were passed on in secret. Only a select few were chosen to receive these teachings and empowerment. Many of the most influential, artistic, and revolutionary people in history were empowered by this program. By the end of the program, you will receive an initiation giving you 10 times more Light and power to be effective in the world.

“This class shares keys for personal growth and transformation, making it easier to experience more joy and abundance in our lives.”


Have you always felt there has to be something more to life? Are you ready to expand your potential?

This two-day program brings you to a higher level of knowledge and understanding of the true Mystery School teachings on how energy works and flows in your life, how to better manage it and how to manifest what you desire. This class shares keys for personal growth and transformation, making it easier to experience more joy and abundance in our lives.

These teachings take place in both the physical and energetic realms which provide a deeper embodiment of the wisdoms opening the path for transformation on all levels. You will experience tools and greater ability to connect with your intuition, to strengthen your will, reduce the negative emotions that control you, experience improved clarity, increased joy and 10 times more Light energy to be effective in the world – step into the truest form of Light Work on the planet.

The Empower Thyself class & initiation, from the direct lineage of King Salomon, follows the tradition of “handing down” sacred teachings, tools and rituals from teacher to student. At the end of the two-day program you will receive an initiation into the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light. Many people who have achieved great things in the world walked this path of initiation in this lineage: Leonardo Da Vinci, Carl Jung, Einstein, Tesla, St. Germaine, Sai Baba, and many more!

Reclaim your true power! Discover the Ancient Mysteries! Learn to work with the Angels and much more!

The Benefits and Privileges of the Empower Thyself Initiation:

  • Gain 10 times the power to be effective in the world
  • Greater awareness and intuition
  • Strengthen your will
  • Greater ease at handling the challenges life throws at us
  • Reduce the effects of the negative emotions
  • Increased Clarity
  • Greater connection with the Beings of Light
  • Greater protection in body and mind

What you will learn:

  • Tools that initiates have been using to create success for 3,000 years
  • Holy rituals to keep your energy high throughout the day
  • Ancient tools that change negative thinking into positive
  • The history of mystery schools on this planet
  • The structure of Heaven and the nature of God
  • The energy systems of the human body, and much, much more


A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to register for the class

Total cost for the two day program is $900.
Contact us for payment plan options